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China Construction Bank Corporation (CCB) is one of the “big four” Chinese banks. In 2015, the company was the world’s second-largest bank by market capitalization, and the 6th largest by total assets. The company has 13,629 branches domestically, including overseas offices. The company employs over 1.1 million people. The bank serves a broad range of clients, including consumers, small businesses, and corporations.

The bank’s headquarters are in Beijing, and it has a vast network of branches throughout the country. Many of these branches focused on specific areas of construction. By 2013, the bank had 88 branch offices in 16 provinces, as well as nine autonomous regions. Some of these were centered in industrial complexes, such as the Shanghai Metallurgical Complex and Dalian Discrete Manufacturing Complex. Other branches focused on the mining industry, transportation, and railroad systems.

The China Construction Bank Corp. is one of the largest joint-stock commercial banks in the world, serving hundreds of millions of individuals and companies. Through its four business segments, it offers financial services to corporate, government, and personal customers. The Commercial Banking segment provides deposit-taking services for individual customers and other financial institutions. The Investment Banking and Treasury segments offer loans and remittance services. However, if you’re looking for a more personal experience, the China Construction Bank Corporation may be the right choice.

China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank


The bank was founded in 1954, as the People’s Construction Bank of China, under the Ministry of Finance of the PRC. Its primary purpose was to provide infrastructure financing to private and government entities. As the years passed, the institution became a commercial bank and was given its current name. Its subsidiaries include telecommunications, oil and natural gas, and electric power. The firm’s main branches are in the city of Beijing, the southern region of China, and the United States.

The bank provides financial services to corporate and personal customers. The bank has commercial banking branches in 29 countries and subsidiaries in various industries. Its Commercial Banking segment provides a wide range of financial services to corporations and government agencies, while the Corporate and Treasury segment provides banking for individuals. In addition to providing banking and investment services to corporations and government entities, CCB also offers remittance services. Its international finance division also provides a variety of investment products.

The bank provides a variety of services for personal and corporate customers. CCB’s commercial banking division has nine business segments: Corporate Banking, Corporate and Government Finance, Private Banking, Treasury, and Credit. Each segment focuses on a different area. The bank’s subsidiaries cover various industries, including investment banking, treasury services, and pension and fixed assets investments. There are many advantages to the bank, and you can apply for a loan without any hassles.

The bank was founded in 1954 as the People’s Construction Bank of China. The bank’s mandate encompasses all aspects of construction spending and branched out to cover every industry. The banking organization is still the largest commercial bank in China. But it is also a diversified financial institution. With its headquarters in Beijing, it is the most well-known overseas branch in the world. With branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Frankfurt, China’s largest construction company is located in over 29 countries.

The China Construction Bank Corporation is one of the largest commercial banks in the world. It offers services to both corporate and personal customers. With a market capital of nearly US$191 billion at the end of 2020, the bank has many subsidiaries in different sectors. The Corporate Banking segment provides corporate and government customers with a range of financial products, including cash management, remittance services, and custody. The Treasury segment provides remittance and deposit taking services for individual consumers.

The China Construction Bank Corporation is one of the four largest state-owned banks in the world. It provides a range of commercial banking products and services to both corporate and personal customers. The bank’s core business includes personal, corporate, and treasury operations. At the end of June 2013, it had a market capitalization of $176.7 billion. Its overseas subsidiaries cover oil and natural gas, telecommunications, and electric power.